…a classic rock-influenced, high energy affair filled with big hooks and frenzied riffs.” – Central Track



The Roomsounds are a Dallas, Texas based American rock band. Their rootsy, back-to-basics approach evokes the era of 60′s and 70′s classic rock and roll. The band puts their freewheeling, youthful spin on timeless rock paved way by their tuneful forefathers: Tom Petty, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

It’s no accident that these twenty-somethings know a thing or two about being a band. Prior to moving to Dallas, three of four members played together in a New England based band, had recording contracts, and toured the U.S. several times over.

Singer/songwriter Ryan Michael says of the move from the Northeast to Dallas, “The idea was to scrap all the things that held us back over the years and start over, somewhere new, with no expectations. We just wanted to get away and write the best songs we could.”

The newly formed, unnamed project relocated to Dallas, TX in 2009, where the band lived in a small rundown house in the suburbs. They made the garage their rehearsal space and turned the living room into a recording studio. “Anytime you record in a space that’s not acoustically treated, you pick up a lot of “room sound.” That’s sort of where the name came from. To us, it’s important to maintain an organic vibe, for better or worse, to sound like a real live rock ‘n’ roll band,” Michael adds.

The band spent the next two years living together in rehearsal spaces, writing and demoing material, all the while performing constantly, forging a name for themselves as a must-see live act. Off the strength of their self-recorded demo of “Young & Reckless,” the band received local radio airplay, made national music blogs favorites lists, and garnered numerous positive reviews for their live performances.

The summer of 2011 was spent recording much of their album live in a cabin-turned-studio just outside of Dallas. The result is a raw and infectious eleven song debut LP that has been well received by fans and critics alike. Since its’ release the band has been nominated for the Dallas Observer Best Rock category as well as appeared on Lit Monthly’s cover for best band of 2012. Their lead single “Couldn’t Break My Spirit” has been in rotation on 91.7 KXT and The Edge 102.1.

Recently, the band was invited to begin recording their follow-up album at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, a legendary studio which has produced hits for Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Etta James and Wilson Pickett.